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Jan. 26th, 2010

Writer's Block: Mobile etiquette

Do you get offended if someone repeatedly checks their mobile phone when you're out for lunch or dinner? If so, do you usually say something?

Offended is a tad strong a word.  I can a little annoyed however it's today culture. 

And no, I don't say anything as I'm a wuss.

Jan. 23rd, 2010

New addition to the family

Our new addition:

Eddie, or Big Ed.

Jan. 18th, 2010

Woof, woof, bloody woof!!

I am sat in my bedroom.

Said bedroom looks over some green and a playground and other houses.

There is a dog.  This dog is barking.  This dog seems to bark 24/7.  I really would wish said dog would not bark for a little while please.

(and as I write this, the bloody thing shuts up LOL)!!
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Jan. 16th, 2010

Update for 2010 so far

Well, it's the 15th January already (where did the last 15 days go: I'm sure I didn't get so drunk on NYE's that I slept through it all!!!)

It's been a couple of weeks of ups and downs.

The Downs:

Having to stay in due to personal and external issues. 

Being told that my cholesterol was high and therefore having to cut out refined sugar.  I let myself have a treat at the weekends but during the week I am eating a lot of fruit which can't be doing me too much harm.  And i've noticed my trousers getting a smidge looser.  I've suddenly got apple cravings.  Must be missing something in my diet.

Another down was receiving a letter saying that my referral with the Spinal Specialist had been posted "due to circumstances blah blah" (more of that later in the ups bit).

Been in a lot of pain; however 50% is due to me being an stubborn prat (no agreeing at the back, please).

The ups:

Having a fun NYE and actually managing to stay up until after midnight where I enjoyed a very large cuban stogie.  I don't smoke however a good cigar is a different story altogether and it's only once a year.

Seeing Brother in Law and his two kids on Boxing Day.  Catriona has to be one of the prettiest little girls ever. I know I'm biased but she is, so there :-)

The snow was beautiful; it was lovely to see children acting like children and having fun.  And the adults; I think the adults had more fun as they remember when it used to snow like it did on a regular basis.  When school wasn't closed and you got there, freezing cold and soaking wet from ambushed snowball fights.  And then do the same on the way home, via hills and use black bags as sleds.

The same day as receiving the letter telling me that my appointment had been postponed, receiving a phonecall from the hospital saying that I'd been given an emergency appointment.  So instead of having to go in March, I am now going in less than 2 weeks time.  I am not sure if my Doctor wrote because when I saw him, he was shocked at how long I had to wait.  I don't really care; i am just grateful to see a Consultant.  Then I can find out whether there is something that can be done to mend my back or whether The Hubbsta and I have to organise our lives around how things are now.  Either way, it's a positive way forward.

Changing how I word things to myself.  I'm trying not to say "I've ONLY done xxxxx" to "I've ACHIEVED xxxx today".  It's amazing how one word can make a huge difference.

Keeping various diaries; health, food and normal.  I managed it all of last year so going to give it another go.

And the lovely news is that my Darling Hubbsta has bought me a iPod Touch.  Well that's not strictly true.  He has put it on his credit card so that I don't have to wait a couple months to save up for it.  He is, however, giving me so much towards it.  So I've gone over the darkside.

So, 15 days in; all is well.

Hope everyone else is good.

Jan. 15th, 2010

Writer's Block: Help Haiti

Are you planning to support relief efforts in Haiti? For those of us who aren't in the medical field and who don't have a lot of money, what are some creative ways to get involved and make a real difference?

Probably make blankets or clothes or send old clothes.

Jan. 12th, 2010

Writer's Block: What I did for love

Have you ever made an important life decision (such as where to work or attend school) based on purely emotional factors, even though you knew it was not the best choice for you? Would you do it again?

17th December 2001 - my Dad was dying of cancer and I was working in London and he was in Winchester.  I didn't want to receive a phonecall saying that he only had x amount of time left.  Without even discussing with my partner (now my Hubbsta), I walked into my boss's office and resigned a £30k a year job.  They were excellent.  They let me go at the end of the week and gave me a bonus to keep me going, which was above and beyond.

The irony of it all is that Dad died during the Christmas holiday and I could have kept my job.  But on the other hand, it did give me the impetus to start my own training company which ran until 2005.

Would I do it again for someone I loved?  Yes, in a heartbeat.  However this time I would warn my Hubby.

Jan. 9th, 2010

Saturday 9th January 2010

I got let out .. Nik took me out for coffee.  Apart from negotiating the ice rink in front of the coffee shop, all went well.

However, the next thing that happened had me laughing with glee!!

Yes, it was bloody cold!  Yes, it hurt a lot!  However I didn't care.  I was a kid again.  I was having fun.

My first snow angel ... awwwwww :-)

Jan. 8th, 2010

Writer's Block: Menu fixe fix

If you could choose only two foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? How soon would you grow tired of them?

Ice cream (as long as it didn't make me fat)
Chocolate chip rice cakes.

I don't think I would grow tired of them :-)

Jan. 6th, 2010

Writer's Block: Love is deaf

Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

Yes.  I already do (sorry Dear) :-D

Jan. 5th, 2010

True Blood in three words

Vampire Bill phwoaarrrrrrr.

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